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 welcome to my website (Seyed Amir Hossein Razavi)

My purpose in creating this site is to introduce myself briefly to you

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I am very interested in graphics and I am currently learning

About Me

I am mostly known as a hacker or programmer, but know that I am only legally active and I have given up the ugly habit (hacking).
I hope you believe ...

My Story

Like many others, I had a hard life, but I tried to build my world of my own free will. Of course, all this was by the grace of God.

Where did I get into music?

Honestly, I am a Muslim. We mourn Imam Hussein every year during the month of Muharram. In the meantime, I became acquainted with volume control devices and became a professional by working in the same place, then I became interested in composing.

Why hack?

I first became acquainted with computers at the age of 13. I could not even use a mouse. Unlike other people, I was not interested in the game at all and I only changed the settings.At the age of 15, I became proficient in three programming languages, and that was the beginning of the story.In Telegram, I became familiar with the word hack and became a professional by joining various backhacking groups. 

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